My name is Iryna Haroshka and I am from Minsk, Belarus, a country of the former Soviet Union (FSU) and now live in Syracuse, NY, with my husband, with whom I am very happily married. And I am creating this site, which follows all US laws on marriage introductions (IMBRA) to give Western and American men of good character a chance to meet and marry sincere, loving, beautiful and supportive women like me from the FSU that are known and carefully selected by me, personally.  And I do this with joy and sweetness, as it is a good thing to bring a loving woman and man together, and so better a cold world, in a small way…

Forget what you have heard about international marriage and foreign brides, and consider this:

  •   Over 75% of marriages between such couples succeed, and the divorce rate in America is present in over 50% of marriages.
  •   In Belarus, where I come from, a beautiful, educated and cultured woman, if not married by 25, will often never marry, due to cultural traditions and the shortage of qualified unmarried men.
  •   A woman with a child can almost never remarry once widowed or divorced or abandoned, due to cultural traditions, no matter how beautiful, educated or sincere she might be.
  •   The difficult economic conditions in the FSU, especially in Belarus, place a terrible strain on the stability of the family, leading to a high degree of men’s alcoholism, poor health, unemployment, and sometimes very poor treatment of women. In addition, there are many women of marriageable age and not so many men due to a demographic imbalance.
  •   The qualities of faithfulness, hard work, respect for women, and lack of alcohol problems in many American and Western men are much appreciated by FSU women, and they will leave their country to marry the right man, and support him and respect him.
  •   The very factors that contribute to problems in Western and American marriages and lead to so many divorces ( competitiveness between women and men, obsessive materialism, etc. ) are not present in cultured FSU women. We support our husbands and respect their hard work and stability, and will do anything to preserve the family.

And so, why will the women I will introduce you to, help you to travel to meet, give you advice on enabling you to marry them successfully, and counsel you every step of the way to make the process easy and pleasant, be different from others?

Because I will only accept women of the best qualities in my agency, Haroshka International Introduction Agency, and only after careful screening to ensure a successful marriage.

My family and friends in Belarus are my foreign office and support network, and this ensures that only sincere and successful marriages will result, as we know every woman personally, as you can see from the depth of their profiles.

Our goal is to make the process as simple and inexpensive as possible.

We will always be available to answer questions by Skype and phone, and continue support after you are married.

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